Manual selection page

Manually recommended products

3-Products is aimed at empowering shop owners to engage with their customers on a personal level through highly customizable, but completely automated, lists of products. However, we know each shop has unique products and business strategies, so sometimes they might need a little bit more control over what gets added to their product lists.

To solve this, we’ve added a new strategy called Manual recommendation for product. It can be used in a product page list that relies on selections of related products made by shop owners. To pick your recommended products go to the Manual recommendation page from the main menu Product Lists > Manual recommendations.

After selecting the related products on this page, you can add the new strategy to any product lists, on the default plan or the custom product lists you created. You can also mix this strategy with others, so you don’t have to manually select related items for all your products. Just pick for the products you want and add extra strategies to fill the list for the others.

To make things even easier when you’re setting up, the recommended products added manually are also included in the Related to product strategy, along with others. More details about what products each strategy find here.


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