Liquidating inventory in your Shopify store

As a shop owner, you always have to deal with what I call “Limbo products”. These are the products where you only have a few items left in stock, enough to not want to throw away but not enough to spend time or money on selling them. So what can we do about them?

Every time a customer comes to your shop, we already know some things about them: what country they are in, what the weather is like, what products they have bought or even just looked at in the past.

So why not use their previous visits to retarget them with products almost out of stock?

With 3-Products, you can easily offer your customers a last chance to buy the products that are running out. We’ve created a video that shows you how you to accomplish this in under 2 minutes.

Never miss an opportunity to use what you know about your customers to increase your sales and achieve your business goals.

Happy selling!


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