Getting started – Standard Product Lists

After installing the 3 Products app you will have immediate access to 6 carefully designed product lists to help you get started with product recommendations.

5 of these standard product lists are carefully tailored for each section of your store: home page, product page, cart page, collection page and search page. To drive conversions, we have created an extra one that is displayed in an “Exit Intent” pop-up. This pop-up is shown to shoppers when they reach for the x to close the page.

If you need to pause or reactivate the product list you can use the switch .

Hit the edit button  to change the title of the product list, the number of products displayed, and the strategies used to select products.

In the preview panel, you will see an example of what products will be added to your list for a fictional customer.

You can easily edit and try out different strategies to show your customers the exact products they are looking for. The changes you make are saved automatically and they apply instantly so you don’t waste a moment or a page view.

Return to this page periodically by going to Product Lists > Standard Product Lists in the main menu. Here you have an overview of how your customers are interacting with each product list, you can understand what w

To learn more about what strategies are and how to use them, check our other articles on general and product specific strategies.

For more advanced control and flexibility, you can also use our Advanced Product Lists.

That’s it! This should be all you need to get started with 3-Products.


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