Getting started – Advanced Product Lists

Starting up with product recommendation on your shop is easily accomplished by using the Standard Product List. They are ready to use and easy to monitor and adjust. But, for situations in which you need more control and flexibility for what products to include, where and how they should be displayed and for which visitors, Advanced Product Lists are the better choice.

When creating an Advanced Product List, there are a few extra settings you can make.

The Contents section is similar to the one on Standard Product Lists, but it also includes 2 new options that you can use to enhance your product list. The first one is including an “Add to cart” button and you can read more about this here. The second one is including a call to action for the whole product list. You can use this to remind your visitors of products they have in their cart and encourage them to go to the checkout. Another example is using a product list to promote a new collection and the included call to action could take your visitors to the collection page.

The next section you’ll have to set up is the Product selection strategies. This offers you similar strategy options as the Standard Product Lists, but it allows you to further customise what products will be added (through filters that are discussed more here) and which strategies are more important than others. To read more about what each strategy does, check out these articles here and here.

When adding a strategy, you can also specify how many products you want that strategy to add to your list. This allows you to have greater control over what your visitors see, whether it’s a combination of recently visited products and similar to visited, or trending products and discounts. You can also change the order in which products from each strategy are added to the list, by clicking on the arrows. Finally, the Mixing multiple strategies setting helps you decide between showing products from a combination of strategies (One product from each option) or using one main strategy and one or more backups, for cases when there is not enough data for the first strategy (All products from each option).

Make sure the added Products Count for all strategies is at least equal to the Products Count for the entire list. Otherwise, your list will not have enough products to display.

The final section is the Display. Here you can decide on which pages you want to show your list and for which visitors. To find out more about where you can display your Advanced Product List, you can check out this article. We also have one regarding visitor segmentation here.


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