Display settings

There are multiple ways to get the best products in front of your customers. When defining your product lists you can specify multiple types of pages where they should be displayed and can choose from 3 different display formats.

To change where and how your product lists are displayed go to My product lists page by clicking on the Product Lists > My product lists in the menu.

Then find the product list you want to edit and click on View.

Scroll down to the Display section where you can find the list of available pages and display formats.

Currently you can add a product list on one of the following pages: Shop home page, Collection pages, Search pages, Cart pages, All product pages. You can also choose between displaying only on specific collection pages or all.

The display formats available for these pages are On page or Floating bar.

The On page option will let product lists appear like part of the main content on each page. This is the default option.

Floating bars will display the product list on top of the general content, at the bottom of the screen, allowing users to quickly notice it without disrupting their activity completely. The design of the floating bar is responsive and makes it easy to dismiss.

There are 2 other display possibilities for your product lists:

  • Exit intent popup this display option will add the product list to a popup that is shown to users that are on the verge of exiting your shop. This will give you a final chance to convince them to buy.
  • Manual display – this is a powerful, yet slightly advanced option, that allows you to select the exact position of the product list on any page of your shop. Just copy the code shown in the popup that is shown when you select the Manual display option and pasting it in the HTML content of that page.


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