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Display settings

There are multiple ways to get the best products in front of your customers. When defining your product lists you can specify multiple types of pages where they should be displayed and can choose from 3 different display formats. To change where and how your product lists are displayed go to My product lists page […]

Customize the appearence of product lists

The design of the product lists that are added to your shop can be customized to better match the style of your theme and your preferences. To do this you need to go to the settings page by clicking on the  icon in the top-right corner of the menu and scroll to the Theme settings section. […]

Product page strategies

Unlike all the other pages of your online store, the product page visit is a very powerful source of information regarding both customer general interest and his current context. To take advantage of the latter, 3-Products offers you a few strategies that are specifically designed for the product page. These are: Similar to the current […]

Visitor segmentation

The Visitor Segmentation setting is meant to give you more control over what kind of customer sees which product list in order to maximize conversions. By default, active product lists are shown to all visitors. To change this you need to go to the Advanced Product Lists page by clicking on Product Lists >Advanced Product Lists in the […]

Exit Intent pop-up

Let’s talk about Exit Intent. Nobody likes it when customers leave the store without finding what they’re looking for. However, there’s an opportunity to do something about it. We can detect when the user is about to leave and present them with a personalized list of products. Check out the video for a step by step […]

Liquidating inventory in your Shopify store

As a shop owner, you always have to deal with what I call “Limbo products”. These are the products where you only have a few items left in stock, enough to not want to throw away but not enough to spend time or money on selling them. So what can we do about them? Every […]

Uninstall cleanup

After uninstalling the 3-Products app, Shopify does not allow us to automatically do the required cleanup of your assets. This should not cause any issues on your shop. However, to properly remove the code added by 3-Products, please follow these steps: In your Shopify Admin dashboard, click on the Online Store menu item. On the […]