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How to write engaging content for product pages that sell

Let’s say you’ve spent countless $ on ads, you’ve tested and optimised them, and now they are driving a steady number of visitors to your shop’s product pages. That’s great! However, your sales are not so impressive. So, what could be wrong? Well, there can be many reasons why sales stagnate even when traffic is […]

How to increase sales for Valentine’s Day?

Oh, February! Such a great month to move further away from the holiday season and on to the next big event of the year: Valentine’s Day! In 2017, according to a study done by the US National Retail Federation, Americans planned to spend $18.2 billion on Valentine’s Day, of which 27% are online purchases. And […]


Each shop has specific business needs that change over time. To make sure that merchants can have full control over which products they recommend to their visitors, 3-Products gives you the possibility to add filters to any strategy included in an Advanced Product List. When adding or editing a strategy, you can also add multiple […]

Getting started – Advanced Product Lists

Starting up with product recommendation on your shop is easily accomplished by using the Standard Product List. They are ready to use and easy to monitor and adjust. But, for situations in which you need more control and flexibility for what products to include, where and how they should be displayed and for which visitors, […]

Translating your product lists

We know that consistency is very important for user experience, so we want to make sure that the product lists you create through 3-Products are a perfectly in sync with your shop, and this also means the language or word selection they use. Some of the templates we use for displaying product lists, which are […]

“Add to cart” button on product lists

Product recommendations are very good at helping your customers find the right products, keeping them engaged and nudging them to complete their checkout. But sometimes, you want to reduce, as much as possible, the number of steps they have to go through to place an order. For these situations, we’ve added a feature that allows you […]

Manually recommended products

3-Products is aimed at empowering shop owners to engage with their customers on a personal level through highly customizable, but completely automated, lists of products. However, we know each shop has unique products and business strategies, so sometimes they might need a little bit more control over what gets added to their product lists. To […]

Getting started – Standard Product Lists

After installing the 3 Products app you will have immediate access to 6 carefully designed product lists to help you get started with product recommendations. 5 of these standard product lists are carefully tailored for each section of your store: home page, product page, cart page, collection page and search page. To drive conversions, we have created […]

General strategies

The 3-Products app allows you to combine your knowledge and your goals with our behaviour analysis methods to provide a valuable, custom experience for each person that visits your shop. To do this, we have prepared a variety of product selection strategies that can be mixed and matched to create unique, customer-centric product lists that […]